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Mammootty Mega Eve at Calicut

Mega Star Mammootty's Super Mega Eve at CALICUT
Launching of Brand New Book of MAMMOOTTY
The Big Musical & Entertainment Eve
31st MAY 2008
Venue: Tagore Centenary Hall, Calicut

Mammootty still Remains a Crowd Puller

It is again the functions clears that the Mega Star Mammootty has a lot of fans in metro cities also. It was in a function on last week(Sunday,18-5-08) organised by Samarthanam, an organisation that helps visually, physically and economically challenged boys and girls.Mammootty still has the amazing ability to make fans, young and old, jump off their seats and scream.

The star-studded evening began with the crowd chanting Mammootty’s name hoping that the event would begin soon, as the superstar came late. Amidst all the screaming, the show began with four visually disabled children putting up a Bharatanatyam dance performance. Many of the great names from the Malayalam film industry such as Manoj KJ, Vineeth Kumar, Rehman, MG Srikumar, Biju Narainan, Indrans, Harisri Ashokan and Gayatri to name a few, graced the occasion and some even consented to perform. Following a dance and a song by Biju Narainan, one child from Samarthanam performed a flute recital. As soon as the recital was over, a thundering recorded voice accompanied by amazing music boomed through the speakers introducing Mammootty while the lights and lasers went crazy. The audience could not stop screaming when all of a sudden their favourite star drove through the entrance in a red vintage convertible. Style indeed!

Addressing a cheering audience, Mammootty said, “Being in Bangalore is absolutely fantastic and to be here in front of so many people for a cause so good is heart warming.” He also read out a speech he had prepared in Kannada, which was received by the audience with an applause.

As the night progressed, the event continued with more songs, dances and comedy shows. The Malayalees present, stared star struck as the superstars performed right before their eyes.

Courtesy : Deccanherald

Annan Thambi-Review

Annan Thambi is a laugh-a-minute comic escapade that would help boost your spirits and stretch those lips into a wide grin. A delightful blend of high and low humor pulled off splendidly with style, the film is a rib tickler that aims right at your funny bone.

Appu and Achu (Mammootty) are twin siblings who were born with swords drawn at each other and as years pass by, the no-holds-barred bullfight between the two goes on. A highly voluble Appu majestically rules over the Pollachi Market and is wooed by Thenmozhi (Laxmi Rai), niece to his erstwhile-associate-turned-foe Dharmarajan (Rajan P Dev). A dumb Achu meanwhile relives the Puranas in his dad's drama troupe while lamenting a lack of issues even after five years of matrimony with Lekshmi (Gopika).

Anwar Rasheed's Annan Thambi is a double dhamaka with nothing subtle or unique about it, and yet it's a movie that's fashioned to please. You do stand the risk of busting a gut on a couple of occasions despite the film unraveling a tale that's as old as mankind itself. Oh yes, we can see it all coming on time and right in place and we might even rail against it at times; it's nevertheless a charming film made bright by a few droll souls who spread loads of joy and cheer all around.

It's a mixed bag of hilarity in Annan Thambi; there are several of those slightly awkward moments and quite a few of the stomach ripping, laugh 'n roar kind. Brimming with unexpected and often uproarious events, the film strikes just the right balance between the salt and the sugar. Benny's might as a writer lies in the participative nature of his humor. He's quite in the swing of things here and accustomed to the beat of brotherhood and to the bonds that bound us all. He's sharp too and dabbles with a distinctive tone, to provide an appealing finish to his characters.

Rarely has there been an instance of an actor mimicking himself on screen. And when Mammootty does the apparently unthinkable, he drives an audience into a frenzied rapture with his highly infectious comic energy. With a free reign to be insane, the actor is a delight to watch in his dumb act, rediscovering the amusing facets of his personality time and again. The fun contingent with an immensely jovial Suraj Venjarammoodu at its helm, ably propped up by Harisree Ashokan and Salim Kumar stirs up a highly flavorsome concoction, with the right doses of wit, slapstick and gags. Among the lady leads, Gopika puts up a remarkable feat while Laxmi Rai is around with the right dosage of oomph.

Annan Thambi teems with obvious humor and stereotyped characters, and is nonetheless agreeable, mostly because the movie does not pretend to be anything it isn't. It might not be a refined comedy, but it's positively enjoyable since within its formulaic precincts, the humor works unusually well continually. It's a comedy that has likeable, earthy characters as well as consistent laughs which could have done infinitely better with a robust setting as well.

Which is why, stripped down to its core, I would brand Annan Thambi as a Rajamanikyam reincarnate in a dual avatar. And incredible filmmaking this certainly is not, but if you're on the lookout for an entertaining, undemanding couple of hours, you could for sure give Annan Thambi a try.


Mammootty at Calicut Medical College

It was a nice evening at Calicut medical college lastday with the great presence of Padmashree Bharath Mammootty. Megastar Mammootty inaugurated the closing ceremony of Monsoon Cine Fest 2007-08 at Calicut Medical Colege.

The CMC students were get excited with the presence of the star legend. The movie festival was directed by Sri. Raveendran. Great persons like Sri. T.A. Razzak, Sri. Premchand, Sri. P.V. Gangadharan were attended the function.

It was one of the most colorful function withwhich the presence of Mammootty at Calicut. Mammootty reached calicut a few days ago for the film shoot 'Parunthu' by Padmakumar.

For more Pictures on this event, Click here

or log on to CMC blog

Mammootty started work on 'Parunthu'

After the great success of 'Annanthambi', Mammootty started work on his new film 'Parunthu'. The shooting is in progress at Calicut and nearby places. Its release fixed to Onam. The film is directed by M. Padmakumar and is scripted by T.A. Razzak. It also featuring Jayasurya, Navaneet Kaur, Lakshmi Rai and Roma.

Mammootty who plays a ruthless money lender named Gillette Purushothaman. Jayasurya also plays an important role alongside Mammootty.
The film, produced by Howly Pottur under the banner of Dream Team Productions is expected to be another hit from Mammootty.The film is scheduled for a July 11 release.


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