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It is time to Close Poll - Mammootty Starts BLOG

At last, it is time to close the poll in Mammootty Special. That is Malayalam Megastar Mammootty presenting his own blog on NewYear.

Megastar Mammootty who had always been instrumental in moving with the changing times, will start his own blog in the new year. The blog' with trendy designs will be available to the viewers from the first day of the New Year.

Mammootty will be discussing his views on all the socio-political activities in which he is interested, through this blog.

The actor who has penned some books- mostly biographical works,recently, will become the first actor from Malayalam screen to start a blog.The actor who has already earned appreciation for his guts to air his views on every activities of the kerala social sphere, had often been to criticisms for this undisguised behaviour.

Bollywood stars like Aamir khan and Amithabh Batchchan are already into doing blogs, which is read widely allover the net.



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