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Pazhassi Raja on DVD, record sales

Gokulam Gopalan’s, Hariharan- Mammootty classic period masterpiece Pazhassi Raja, a blockbuster has been launched on Home Video by Moser Baer Home Entertainment on May 1.

In three days the CD-DVD has broken all records in Malayalam home video by selling over two lakh units. Says Moser Baer Home Entertainment CEO, G Dhananjayan : “We have already touched sales of 200,000 units of VCDs and DVDs of Pazhassi Raja, which is the highest in the Home Videos of Malayalam so far for any title”.
Moser Baer Home Entertainment went for aggressive marketing which has resulted in record sales. Added Dhananjayan: “The retailers in Kerala have put up a massive display of the title thus creating huge excitement among the customers who visit the outlets and all the stocks launched by us has been sold out”.


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