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I am no superstar!: Mammootty

Mollywood's favourite actor Mammootty prefers to have nothing to do with what the word 'superstar' may suggest.
So much so that he has appealed to fans and audience not to refer to him with the word at any point. "It is indeed an honour to be called a superstar, but considering the accusations that are often inflicted upon superstars these days, I think I'd rather be called an actor," says Mammootty.
On his visit to Kochi recently, as a reply to comedian Tini Tom's reference to Mammootty 'being the only real superstar in the Malayalam film industry, the actor jokingly rebuked, "Superstars seem to be the cause of all the problems in our industry. In fact, the epithet has turned into an offensive term."
Incidentally, Malayalam cinema has been rather conflict-ridden over the last decade, with actors as well as several other eminent personalities blaming the reigning 'superstars' Mohanlal and Mammooty for the pathetic state of the industry. They have also been accused of allegedly ensuring not many youngsters are given the opportunity to make a mark in the industry and of playing roles that are not suited for their age.
Mammooty is currently awaiting the release of Venicile Vyapari by Shafi, which is set during a time when there were no mobile phones or Internet. "Unlike period films, the eighties is an age that people remember and can relate to," says the actor. Young actress Kavya Madhavan has been cast opposite Mammootty in this film.

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